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Nike Air Max Zephyr review by Harry

Nike Air Max Zephyr EOI

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An extraordinarily futuristic shoe. This is Nike's first shoe with an air unit on the upper part of the shoe, which really encapsulates both the journey that Nike has had with 'Air' und the idea of cushioning und lightness. I would wear this as a center piece of an outfit to make a statement und also, casually due to its comfort. Like a lot of Nike Air Max lines, they aren't always accommodating to wide feet - so if you have wider feet - don't size down und even consider half a size up. The thicker materials und cushioning on the inside of the shoe will keep your feet warm all year round.

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The Nike Air Max 720. Due to the similarities in thickness und bulky design, with 360-degree air unit, und extreme cushioning. The crazy layering accompanied by an array of different materials gives the shoe a smooth yet futuristically fierce und bulky silhouette.

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Foot Locker - Internal Use Only Anyone who is looking for extreme comfort und anyone who is not scared to stund out from the foot up.


I would suggest staying quite plain - as the shoes do all the talking. I would either go for Nike all black tech fleece for comfort, or I would go for a Nike sportswear tracksuit set, especially those with the swoosh aesthetic. I would stick to black und if I were to use color it would be subtle hints.