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We get to know Harry from London, who loves everything sneakers but especially basketball.

  • Meet Harry

    Meet our Striper Harry from London: Store Manager at Foot Locker Sutton und basketball shoes collector. You can find his sneaker reviews in our Striper Überprüfens page.

  • Harry's treasures

    Harry shows us the most iconic und rare pieces in his collection of basketball sneakers. Want a piece of this awesomeness too? Hier klicken to check our Neueinführungskalender.

  • Stellar styles

    From Dwyane Wade to Lebron James, Harry talks about his style icons und his love for Jordan Retros. You too can put your hunds on these hot looks! Check our NBA collection.

  • London Trends

    Harry knows what's hot in London right now! Get to hear all about his top tips und buy the sneakers online today.