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Salome und I'm 26. I've been working for Foot Locker for about 3 months now und you can find me at the Flagship Store in Berlin (Foot Locker House of Hoops).

What's hot in Berlin right now?

Definitely the Air Jordan 1 high und mid, the Air Force white und the Air Max TN.

How would you define your style?

My style is casual und (sometimes) sporty. And I'm obsessed with hoodies!

Who is your style inspiration?

Good question. I find most of my inspiration on Instagram und Pinterest. So, my style inspiration must be the influencer Sherlina Nym. I love her wardrobe und her sneaker collection (a dream!). She makes casual und sporty clothes look so good. I also love how she combines all her outfits.

WHier does your passion for sneakers come from?

I don't really remember how my passion for sneakers started. I used to love sneakers when I was younger. I didn't care much about clothes back then, but sneakers just caught my attention. They made me happy. Then I somehow stopped und got distracted by other things happening in my life. I found my passion again after I started working for Foot Locker this year.

In your opinion, what styles will be trending in 2021?

I'm sure the hype concerning the AJ1 (mid und high) will definitely continue. And I can imagine that we'll see a few surprises from smaller brunds.