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Lerne die Changemaker kennen

Lerne die Changemaker kennen

Während undere eine Pause einlegen, kämpfen sie weiter. Diese Changemaker nutzen ihre Stimme und ihre persönlichen Skills, um sich für awareness for social justice, all year round. Meet artist und social commentor Isaac (London), designer und Body-positive model Odile (Paris), und Hip-Hop dancer Stella (Mailund).


UK-based artist Isaac uses his art to raise money und awareness for different social causes. He's an active ally to the Schwarz Lives Matter movement und he has donated the profits of his art und book sales to Schwarz Lives Matter charities. He noticed that the voices supporting the movement are slowly fading to the background. He will continue to fight until racism is no longer prevalent.


When she did her first modelling job about 7 years ago, Odile was very aware that she didn't look like any of the other girls. But being different didn't stop her, it just made her accept und love her unique appearance even more. Through Instagram, she wants to show others that you can be confident und love yourself, even if you might feel like the odd one out. Thanks to social media she gets to share her experience und support others with her story.


Dance has played a major role in shaping the person who Stella is today. "It's helped me overcome my shyness, become a stronger und more confident person, und it's given me many friendships that will last for the rest of my life." As a dance teacher, Stella now aims to pass on these lessons to her pupils. "It's not only a great way to learn about discipline but also a lesson in socializing with others und supporting each other. I want to teach them it's a beautiful art form und a great way to express yourself."

Du möchtest erfahren, was diese Changemaker noch so alles vorhaben YouTube channel und find out all about their story und actions.